SAAN Overview

SAAN is Software as a Service (SaaS) which domain in mobility business including but not limited to logistics and transportation. Our products targets to enhance business performance and unleash human potential in the interconnected world. Now we have 2 products categories and more in coming years.


Planning for specific delivery time windows or avoid truck ban area will be piece of cake. Monitoring truck for avoiding delay delivery will be thing in the past. Sharing delivery plan and getting confirmation of delivery back from drivers can be done at your fingertip. SAAN Logistics provides solution from planning to improvement. SAAN Logistics makes your operation visible and measurable. SAAN Logistics releases your valuable time and resource from planning and monitoring.


SAAN Plan is an automated route planning system, designed to offer the best route suggestions based on various constraint setting.


SAAN Go is a job assignment and driver application. It is a linkage tool for fleet organizers to manage their jobs efficiently on web application and provide all-in-one mobile application with real-time tracking, status update and feedback for delivery service.

SAAN Sight

SAAN Sight is a vehicle tracking and monitoring system. This system is used to track precise transport and logistics against plan all of the time with providing optimal route recommendations, the estimated time of arrival and other essential insight vehicle information.


The future of transportation is emerging. Multi modal transportation, electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle, car sharing or micro mobility, all of them needs flexible and reliable system infrastructure. We are under developing SAAN Transportation to enhance and enable mobility service providers to cope with complexity, various optimization and workflow.

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