Reduce 80% of time spent on route planning
Reduce 10% of delivery distance
Reduce 12% of time spent on delivery
Reduce 10% of delivery cost

SAAN Plan is an automated route planning system, designed to offer the best route suggestions based on various constraint setting. The SAAN Plan’s functions can be modified to achieve maximum efficiency in the shortest routes, the shortest time-consuming, minimum vehicles used, minimum operational cost, or accident detection and notification. During the planning process, the ideal sequence optimization of delivery and pick-up stops are calculated while an estimated time of arrival (ETA) is visualized to ensure that all goods and service will be served in time.

The SAAN Plan is appropriate to execute route planning for both transportation and logistics, and both B2C and B2B. The system is not only time and cost saving, but it is also friendly user to provide better operation in route planning. It works well as an integrated system with other systems including monitoring system, which all data will send automatically to relevant transportation and logistics system.