Who are we

SAAN is a mobility solution products from Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics a Toyota Tsusho Group’s subsidiary which focus on logistics, transportation and smart city.”

Our Goal

“Our goal is to help more people to access better mobility service by enhancing mobility providers’ capability.”

Now, we provide e-logistic solution that affordable, high performance and easy to scale to mobility providers. In the near future, we will enable mobility providers to create their own mobility solution which is affordable, high performance and easy to scale by themselves.

Why Mobility

Mobility plays crucial parts of economic development. It helps moving goods from producers to consumers, make the flow uninterrupted at minimum cost. It helps moving people to better wage, education and healthcare and also boost demand for tourism as well. However, it also accounts for 24% of global CO2 emission each year.

Therefore, more efficient mobility activities will lead to better and more sustainable world.

Progression of Information Communication Technology is changing mobility, as we know.


It enables service providers to see, optimize, dispatch and improve their operation in new way. We can find available vehicles and dispatch them to the customers in need, real time. We can utilize vehicle to the maximum, hence, reduce the cost to businesses and end consumers. We can orchestrate operation and data from multiple entities in the blink of an eye, make every stakeholders benefit from improving efficiency.

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