Are you losing money from driving into traffic jams?

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Route optimization

10,000 drops or 1,000 vehicles. Just put data to SAAN. We will handle the rest for you.

Proof of delivery

Dispatch job and track job progress in real-time via driver’s mobile device.

Mobile tracking

Driver’s device can be more than messaging. Utilize it for checking the latest location.

Milk run

Alert potential delay trip to take action and make it on time again.


SAAN promises to bring future mobility solution to you today. We and our partners relentlessly keep exploring most advance technology and best in class infrastructure to provide solution for you.


SAAN Plan is an automated route planning system, designed to offer the best route suggestions based on various constraint setting. The SAAN Plan’s functions can be modified to achieve maximum efficiency in the shortest routes, the shortest time-consuming, minimum vehicles used, minimum operational cost, or accident detection and notification.


SAAN Go is a job assignment and driver application. It is a linkage tool for fleet organizers to manage their jobs efficiently on web application and provide all-in-one mobile application with real-time tracking, status update and feedback for delivery service.


SAAN Sight is a vehicle tracking and monitoring system. This system is used to track precise transport and logistics against plan all of the time with providing optimal route recommendations, the estimated time of arrival and other essential insight vehicle information. It also offers data visualization for better decision-making in an efficient, timely and cost-effective way.


News & Events

Logistix 2022

Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics (Thailand) participated in Logistix 2022 event during Jun 22nd – 25th @ Bitec Bangna, Bangkok

TTLA: Grand Reunion 2021

Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics (Thailand) (TTMIT) had participated in “TTLA: Grand Reunion 2021”

Truck Power II

“Thai transport is not to end in our generation” was exhibited on October 19, 2020 at Show DC, 

ITS World Congress 2019

Toyota Tsusho Nexty Electronics (Thailand) (NETH) had participated in ITS world congress between October 21-25, 2019 at Suntec Singapore