TTMIT participated in Logistix 2022

Jun 22nd -25th @ Bitec, Bangna, Bangkok to promote SAAN series

Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics (Thailand) participated in Logistix 2022 event during Jun 22nd – 25th @ Bitec Bangna, Bangkok to promote SAAN series , the solution that facilitate transportation and logistics activities from planning to continuously improvement(Kaisen). Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics (TTMI) group is focusing on developing product/application utilizing big data analytics to visualize real-time and predictive status of mobility, logistics and transportation activities which will be helpful for logistics providers, logistics department in almost every industry. SAAN series comprise of SAAN Plan, SAAN GO and SAAN Sight which are flexible to work independent, work together among SAAN series or work with customer’s existing system.

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